U.S. Army Community Relations

design | cms integration

I was tasked to redesign the U.S. Army's Community Relations website to give it a more refreshed design. I worked directly with the client to see what their needs were and how we could make this site more "user-friendly." Since we were also in the process of redesigning Army.mil, I decided it would be a good idea to give this site the same refreshed look based off of the new Army.mil design. This site was also designed using a feature called Page Management in our content management system CORE, which allows the end user to update their page and publish it to Army.mil without having to have a lot of coding experience.

Community Relations Homepage

U.S. Army Community Relations Homepage. View the site here.

Community Relations subpage

Subpage for Community Relations. The end user can add a number of widgets to their site to customize what information they want to put out for public consumption without having to know a lot of code.