Year in Photos 2011

design | development | social media integration

I was tasked to update the Army’s annual Year in Photos feature site. Instead of redesigning from the ground up, I gave Patrick Slawinski’s basic layout from the 2010 featured site a facelift with an updated color scheme and interactive home page. The site also featured integrated audio commentary from several photographers as well as downloadable desktop wallpapers. As part of a contest, visitors were able to vote for their favorite picture by a Facebook Like button to have their favorite image of 2011 featured on the Army’s Facebook page.

Year in Photos 2011 Homepage

The Year in Photos 2011 microsite features an updated color scheme, an animated hover effect on each month selection, and featured audio commentary from the photographer on select images. View the site here.

Year in Photos 2011 Subpage

Each month has approximately 10 photos that were taken in that given month that could be voted for. Voting occured by a Facebook like button under each image.